Fashion Color arrives on Instagram: here is why!


Yes it is: Fashion Color is on Instragram the social network of the visual sharing that from 2012 had great success between the most famous apps and with an unparalleled climb, now has 400 million users (including celebrities, pop stars and athletes from all over the world) and about 80 million shared photos per day, far surpassing Twitter.

A photo, therefore, worths a thousand words or, rather, more than 140 characters. The founders of this amazing photographyc app already knew it, and now we become convinced that it is really so.

What makes this social so successful is not only the opportunity to express themselves effectively through a photo, Instagram has the power to bring people closer to their idols, but also to each other by sharing real moments in real time.

At Fashion Color, we thought a lot on how make us closer to our current and future customers and partners, on how to make ourselves known for who we are, not only for what we do. The decision to open an Instagram account lies on our willingness to give a face, or rather many faces (we are so many!) to our work.

That means that as well as news related to our activities, we will share on Instagram moments of our daily lives, we will carry you into our world to show you that behind each project there is a brain at work, there is passion, there is professionality and dedication, there is hard work, but also lots of fun!

So what are you waiting for? Follow our account: fashioncolor_since1996

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