Nailpolish Color Charts

The Nail’s Color Chart is one of the top products of Fashion Color. The company was able to completely innovate this product and now it is the only manufacturer in the world of Nail’s Color Charts on paper.

The colors that were previously hand-painted by an operator on plastic nails, are now reproduced on paper in four color printing, creating the glossy effect through a passage of UV polishing completed by a passage of relief to give more prominence to the color on paper. The result is excellent.

This innovative system allows to halve the cost and the production time and the response to the customer’s needs is immediate.
The Nail’s Color Chart is an exceptional selling tool that allows you to group all nail polish lines in one bin, constantly updatable.

In addition to practicality, Fashion Color thought, as always, even to the style and it created the Mini Standard line, that play with sizes, and the Your Bottle line, that instead is focus on the originality, with unconventional shapes.

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