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Custom Posters and Windows Stickers

Fashion Color realizes posters, laminated or varnished, and window stickers in different materials, colors and sizes.

The Visual Merchandising is a discipline according to which the display system, the space, the illumination and the graphic design used in your store are critical elements for your business policy, able to maximize the sale profitability and performance. They are elements that involve the senses, of which the most important is the view. That’s why the posters and the window stickers you use must communicate originality, be elements of impact, be elements that the client will not easily forget.

Thanks to Fashion Color experience, to the quality of materials used, and to modern equipment, company realizes high quality products with any type of decorative elements.

Company uses materials that are resistant to UV rays and to the atmospheric agents to avoid risks of adhesives lifting or breaking. The materials are easy to remove, even after long time and they remain unaltered.

Posters and Windows Stickers

Single face windows sticker

Posters and Windows Stickers


Posters and Windows Stickers

Kakemono single face

Posters and Windows Stickers

Biadhesive poster

Posters and Windows Stickers

Poster with tube

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