The value of art in Fashion Color: Music Day School


Fashion Color daily work is based on ideas, creativity and talent. For us, art is sacred and anyone who promotes the development and diffusion of it becomes, without doubt, our friend.

We met Music Day School through the most simple means of communication used by modern company: the e-mail. Sometimes even a simple email can go the distance, and this is one of those times.

The presentation and the request for support of the Music School day arrived straight to the heart of our company, that has among its main pillars people passionate about music and art which could not remain indifferent to the project.

Music Day School is a Non – profit cultural association focused on music; it is a point of reference for anyone, at any age, who wants to undertake an artistic, cultural, musical path and for those who simply want to dedicate more time to their own person.

The project FORMAZIONE CULTURALE, of which Fashion Color is supporter, born from the sensibility of the Music Day School to the particular historical moment of financial crisis that sees many families unable to attend the so-called “hobbies”.

The brave project of the Music Day School aims to reverse this trend by giving the opportunity to those who can not, to develop their talents and not to give up their leisure time.

The project will integrate to the already active music courses, even dance classes, theater classes from 6 years old the third age and school tuition.

We decided to support this project, because we firmly believe in the power of art to touch the soul of people and we hope that such initiatives could lead to the evolution of our society into something more fair, into something better.

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